Weaving Of Four Realms


"Weaving of Four Realms' is Kwagiulth spindle whorl that speaks to the interconnectedness and weavingtogether of the four realms in our historic Kwagiulth legends. The realm of the sky kingdom is represented by the mighty Thunderbird, one of the first ancestors of several of our Kwakw.ak.a'wakw tribes. Thunderbird reminds us of the supernatural forces that surround us every day - forces that can influena: us in powerful ways and help to guide us in our mortal world.

The realm of the animal kingdom is represented by the Bea~ who is also one the crest figures of families throughout the Kwakw.ak.a'wakw peoples. Bear is just one of the many creatures that inhabit our forests, and reminds us that it is our responsibility to take care of the forests, not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the creatures that depend on these places for their homes. And the realm of the kingdom beneath the sea is represented by the Killerwhale, a being that has had a presence amongst our people since the beginning of time, and whose graceful, quiet ways remind us that we must also take care of the natural waterways throughout and around our territories.

Finally; the spindle whorl is enveloped with a cedar bark rope, from our Tree of Life, the red cedar. Cedar bark has many uses amongst our people and is used in all our ceremonies to demonstrate our connection to the spirit realm. Cedar bark has been prepared in this way since the dawn of time and reminds us of our obligation to pass our sacred teachings on to future generations. The spindle whorl itself is a reminder that all of these realms are indeed interconnected and cannot, nor should not, ever be separated, for they form an important part of our understanding of our world and ultimately; our purpose here." -- Lou-ann Neel

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