"Thunderbird is the legendary, mythical being who is one the most powerful 'helpers' in the Spirit realm in Coast Salish culture. In legend, the Thunderbird was called upon by the people to rescue them from the Killerwhale who was eating up all of the salmon in the bay; the salmon was our people's main food source. The Thunderbird swooped down from the heavens and carried Killerwhale off to the mountaintop to devour the whale, thus helping the people to regain the bountiful food source from the salmon run." -- Joseph M. Wilson (Sx ""aset)

These limited edition prints titled 'Thunderbird' and 'Killerwhale' by Joseph M. Wilson (Sx""'aset) were published in August, 2006. They were hand produced by the screenprinting process. The artist has checked each copy in the editions. The editions each consist of: 299 signed & numbered copies, 29 Artist's Proofs and 1 Printer's Proof. 3 Hors de Commerce copies exist for each edition and ar e defaced; all other trial copies have been destr oyed and the printing stencils obliterated. Paper: Stonehenge Cover White (rag). 'Thunderbird' Paper Size: 23 x 45.5 cm. Image Size: 18 x 36 cm. 'Killerwhale' Paper Size: 25 x 45.5 cm. Image Size: 19.5 x 35 cm. Colours: Blue, sienna and black. Numbered copies of these editions bear the Pacific Editions chop mark, excluding copies distributed by the artist. Prinhnaking by Pacific Editions Limited, Victoria, B.C., Canada. These designs are copyrighted © by Joseph M. Wilson (Sx Waset) 2006. This is the only limited edition printing of these designs.

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