Sacred Cycle


"This print represents the cycle of teachers and students. Eventually the student will become the teacher and the cycle continues. The critical because this is how our people's art has survived for so many years. I used salmon to represent this ' cycle because of ~heir natural cycle of life."- Dylan Thomas

DOCUMENTATION: SACRED CYCLE This limited edition print titled 'Sacred Cycle' by Dylan Thomas was published in October, 2007. It was hand pr9duced by the screenprintihg process. The artist has checked each copy in the edition. The edition wnsists 'of : 200 signed & numbered wpies, 20 Artist's Proofs and I Printer's Proof 3 Bors de Commerce copies exist and are defaced; all ot,her trial copies have been destroyed and the printing stencils obliterated. Paper: Stonehenge Cover White (rag). Paper ' Size: 51 x 53 cm. Image Size: 39 x 39 cm. Colours: Royal blue and black. Numbered c9pies of this edition bear the Pacific Editions chop mark, excluding

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