Raven Brings Light To The World


Raven is a trickster. One day while travelling about doing tricks he heard about a big chief in the sky. He travelled up to the sky kingdom to spy on the chief He discovered that the kept something special in a box and also that he had a daughter. One day when the chiefs daughter as taking a drink of water, Raven turned himself into a pine needle and was swallowed by the daughter. In due time she gave birth to a child. The chief was very fond of his grandchild and spoiled him. The boy wanted to play with the special box. At first the chief said no, butlater gave in to the child. The boy turned back into Raven, grabbed the shiny ball and flew out the smoke hole of the longhouse. The soot from the longhouse fire turned the Raven black. As Raven flew higher the object got larger and larger. Finally he threw it up into the sky as it became the sun." -- Burton Amos

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