Spirit Works

What makes Spirit Works distinct is the fusion of West Coast Aboriginal art into everything we create. To accomplish this, on each and every piece, there lies a collaboration with a well known, or up and coming, Aboriginal artist. It’s the partnerships that make us who we are.

Spirit Works is a company not just focused on the bottom line. We at Spirit Works believe in community. A quarter of our 5000 square foot shop, located on Squamish First Nation lands, is donated to local Aboriginal artists. This is so they may hone their craft in a creative environment using tools and equipment to which they may not normally have access. This is a symbiotic relationship which also keeps Spirit Works on the cutting edge for its own creations through cooperation with the artists on hand.

Spirit Works believes that the passing down of knowledge is an obligation. In furtherance of this belief Spirit Works provides employment and training opportunities to Aboriginal youth wishing to learn joinery, Indigenous art, or both. We work closely with Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society (ACCESS) to fill these positions as they become available.

Spirit Works believes in protecting our heritage and our environment. Reducing, reusing and recycling are not just catch phrases to us. We live them in our everyday operations and are constantly making efforts to become more efficient in respect to these core values. Spirit Works has gone to great lengths to seek out recycled and salvaged materials. We are proud to say that our biggest product, the Spirit Hut, is made primarily out of such materials. As well, our bentwood boxes are made exclusively out of salvaged shorts which are the cut-off ends from cedar milling operations. Within our shop environment a premium is paid to getting the most out of our materials. Although it is much less profitable to conduct business in the manner we’ve chosen, Spirit Works would not gain the approval of our Elders otherwise.