nuMedia Group

nuMediagroup works more along the lines of a film company than traditional New Media design and production houses. Teams are assembled on a project by project basis. We have deployed teams as small as two or three to as large as fifty highly talented and experienced specialists.

The talent pool is diverse and includes: information architects, interface designers, network architects, core programmers, database engineers, graphic and animation artists, filmmakers, musicians and composers, sound engineers, writers, researchers, marketing and communications specialists, analysts and project managers. We even have two rocket scientists on the team, just in case. nuMedia has produced affordable media solutions for government and industry:

From touch-screen kiosks for the British Columbia Attorney General and a multi-national forestry company to an animated training program for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. From interactive marketing programs to children’s software development. From new business to social enterprise development. From celebrity branding to film production. From secure e-commerce and distribution to commercial internet services provisioning. From network and database design to custom game development. View Portfolio.